•  BULGARIA CUP again in Shumen  1990 - 2000 - 2020


    Shumen is the most beautiful and interesting city in northeastern Bulgaria. It is situated at the foot of the forested Shumen Plateau and is only 70 km away from the nearest beach.

    The history of the town dates back to the 12th century BC. In the 4th-2nd century BC, the Thracians built the first fortified settlement, which still stands as the now 3200-year old SHUMEN FORT.

    From 29.07 till 02.08.2020 at these historic sites, a 4-day orienteering competition will take place, under the name of: BULGARIAN ORIENTEERING FESTIVAL 2020


    BG-O-FEST is a 5-day celebration of the sport of orienteering, which includes 4 races and one rest day. This event brings together three of the oldest and most popular orienteering competitions in Bulgaria. Shumen Fortress Cup, organized by ”Madara Horseman” Orienteering Club has been held annually since 1982, continuing the tradition of the “1300 Years Bulgaria” Cup.

  • Landmarks

    The Black Sea

    The "Sea Capital" or "Summer Capital of Bulgaria" – the city of Varna is only one hour away by car from the BG-O-FEST arena.


    The Madara Horseman is a medieval bas-relief carved on a vertical cliff near the present village of Madara, just 15 km from the competition center.


    Only 15 km from the town of Shumen you can enjoy the wonderful world of Bulgarian wine produced in the area of Osmar village and Veliki Preslav.

    Veliki Preslav

    The capital of Bulgaria at the time of the First Bulgarian Kingdom.

    Only 30 minutes away from the competition center, there you will become acquainted with one of the interesting historical landmarks of Bulgaria.