The Black Sea

The Sea Capital of Bulgaria - Varna is only 40 minutes away from the arena of BG-O-FEST.

There you can enjoy the beauty of the Black Sea. You will find long beaches, mineral waters, favorable climate, delicious wine and cuisine.

We will provide daily transport for you so that you can visit the most attractive beach on the Varna coast.


Only 15 km away from Shumen, beneath the southern slopes of the Shumen Plateau lies the village of Osmar. There are many legends about the village, but all of them are related to wine. It is one of the richest villages in Northern Bulgaria. In the past, traders famously sold their wine throughout all of Europe, and everyone thought the place was unique and had some kind of special energy.

You can see for yourself that Osmar is the Bulgarian capital of wine as you stroll the streets of the village, because you will notice how the vine-growers, from which the famous Osmarine wormwood is made, curl above your heads.

Madara Horseman

The Madara Horseman is the patron of the Shumen Orienteering Club.

It is a medieval bas-relief carved on a sheer cliff in the National Historical and Archeological Reserve of the village of Madara. It is about 30 minutes away from the BG-O-FEST Competition Center. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.